VPN Overview :

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable organizations to immediately improve their effectiveness and competitiveness, while at the same time reducing their operating costs.

(VPNs) provide a powerful means of protecting the privacy and integrity of business communications. VPN technology uses encryption security and IP tunnelling to connect users or sites over a public (the Internet) or private network. Many organizations have deployed site-to-site VPNs via the Internet as a viable alternative to expensive leased lines when connecting private networks.

Corporations are now looking to VPNs to provide secure connectivity between their growing number of locations, remote and mobile users. As Internet access becomes ubiquitous, the cost savings of Internet VPNs over dial-up access solutions are compelling. Also the Internet VPNs solution protects critical business communications from unauthorized external users, the growing threat of network misuse by employees is now forcing security managers to consider securing communications over internal private networks as well.

VPN Solutions Save Money And Improve Security:

Each VPN solution Aims provides is highly customized to fit the client's exact needs. Our service is most importantly secure and secondly affordable, form Global Corporations to small-businesses. Aims offers both a firewall and a Virtual Private Network using IPSec encrypted solution without it being an expensive investment.

You can connect your offices and remote users securely from anywhere in the world. The core capability of the service is based-upon customer premises, equipment that is professionally managed by either Aims engineers or customers administrators. We provide all the equipment and software you need, pre-configured for your network. We run several diagnostic services on every device, including intrusion detection and computer forensics, 24 hours a day.

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