About AIMS

Aims is a company providing customers with a complete solution to their current and future Internet and private network needs. The company's customer base includes all coustomers and all small to medium sized businesses & home users.
Aims benefits from several strategic alliances by offering unique pricing on most services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.

Aims was established with many goals to achieve and many markets to cover, our steps were planed well, we benefited from resources at the beginning of establishment, and in short time we achieved our first goal which made our name well known in the marketplace as a leader of internet and network solution provider, we are still on the same track since we started we are progressing in staff members, customers, products & services.

Our commitment to our customers is not simply based on acquiring the latest technologies, but also the means and staff who operate such technologies and the ideologies.

With the growth of our business and to satisfy our customers' needs, Aims decided to expand its services and various choices and offers, which give better solutions to our customers to ensure more satisfaction, and keep our reputation as always in leading the unusual solutions.

Aims has a professional management team with direct knowledge of Technical, Sales & Marketing and unique administration skills.

Aims is specialized in internet & network solutions, our services are based on the following
Broadband ADSL services
Network implementation, Designing & installation (UTP, Optical Fiber, Wireless)
VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions
Domain Name Registration & Transfer
Web Hosting + Customizable mail accounts establishing
Websites and advertising media design
Wholesale Switches, ADSL Routers & Modems

Aims achieves customer satisfaction through professional transactions and excellent communication with our customers to understand their needs and requirements & Supply the largest business sector in Egypt with technologies that cut down every day's life tasks without having to burden high costs in return

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